The ‘Fringe Space’ Series

Joss Whedon's Firefly meets Flash Gordon as bestselling authors Michael Angel and Devlin Church take you on a space western with more aliens, robots, cyborgs, and gunfights than you can shake a blaster at!

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The Original Novel, The Adventures of Amanda Love:

amanda love cover_fullversion_071911

The 'Serial Novel' version of The Adventures of Amanda Love:

Amanda Serial Cover 1_Pray Amanda Serial Cover 2_Dogfight Amanda Serial Cover 3_Torn

The Prequel Short Stories:

Cantaloupes and Wild Indians Cover_072011 Loves Labors and Lies Cover_2.0 Staffwielder ebook Cover_2 Cyber_Son_eBook_Cover1.0  Little Girl Lost eBook Cover_2

The Prequel Short Stories in two collections:

A Shovelful of Stars_eBook_Cover_1.0  Loves Origins_eBookCover_2.0

The 'Fringe Space' Compilation:

Amanda Serial Cover 4_FRINGE SPACE TALES