About the Author

Devlin Church writes short stories, novels and poetry in all genres of fiction. She began life as a child of Wild West rodeo performers who later became regulars with a traveling circus.

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She attended finishing schools for young ladies, and during the summer traveled with her parent's carnival, where she was lucky to count some very special people as her friends. Those people included the exotically named Gorilla Girl, Caterpillar Man, Alligator Boy and many other denizens from the carnival sawdust midway.

Standalone Novels:
The Adventures of Amanda Love
A Shovelful of Stars
Lightning of Sangre De Cristo
I Am the Vorpal Blade

Book Series:
The Adventures of Amanda Love Trilogy: Pay to Pray, Dogfight, A Planet Torn
Fringe Space Tales: All of Amanda Love's Stories, in One Place
The Ghost Private Eye: The Gemini Detective Trilogy

Collections and Novellas:
Gatekeeper and Goddess
Love's Origins

Short Stories:
Art Appreciation 101
Benjamin and Mariah
Cantaloupes and Wild Shoshone
The Curse of Murphy
Cyber Son
Death, Coffee, and the Dawn Cometh
Out of Ash
The Dream Peddler
The First Day of the Rest of my Life
The Teriwhillipers' Crystal Castle
A Fish Tale
Little Girl Lost
Love's Labors and Lies
The Perfect Spouse
Thank You, Melvil Dewey
A Winter's Heart