'Longshanks' was released in 2014, where the Dekka cats arrived on the scene.

A laboratory created super-intelligent cats had been shut down and deemed a failure. What they did not know was that they had created the Dekka cat. The cats escaped into a nearby garbage dump and carved out their own society.

The story evolves from when Longshanks' brother vanishes during his 'coming or age' quest. Hunter Longshanks must find him and bring him back . . . or avenge his death!

'the dekka cat legacy' starts out with Longshanks starting to understand his new found life as a domesticated cat living with a human named Edward. Edward is a freelance writer aspiring to become a novelist. What Longshanks encounters is another research laboratory in an abandoned ocean-side amusement park. He finds out that only he and Althea, another dekka cat, are all that is left of breeding age of the few old escapees from the years ago.